Over You

This was not meant to begin this way
With an end to a time where you live
Your face just hung, with nothing there at all
Does the word partnership mean a thing?
Where are those moments we lost?
When I felt so small, crushed in the air, 
But Your eyes bigger than the world
Perceptions change, but I'll miss you forever
If I cannot return you soon,
I'll fade into the nothing that they all became
A sham; a mask of multitudes.

But I'm over you,
And everything I ever was comes loose,
I'm watching myself fly away
I remember we're wrong together,
But remembrance is overrated.

Never forget,
Every step I take,
I take it, basking in you.
And you make me smile, every time.

But You'll always hold me,
But I never understand.
I can never recall the extremities of Your love.

But my chameleon mannerisms make it all up,
For if I feel wrong,
The scent of blood hangs thick in the air. 

The feeling of history plays with my fingers,
And the musty scent of power seeps into my nose.
Don't attempt to wriggle around a constant,
Don't try to split a parallel. 

Wish upon a star,
I still want to feel so small, 
Only You can make this right,
Please make me right again

The End

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