Over the Cliff You Go

The pain reminds me of those nights spent

with eyes wide open as hours went

to the past, where the love we had was once so warm

and not this grey, tumultuous storm. 

To a time we spent in an inebriated daze

wrapped in shades of blue and suffocating haze

that lingered long inside lungs and air

and had us think we hadn't a moment to spare

When it came to the spending of precious time

between you and me, as though it were a crime

to ever come between "his" and "her" heart

and keep, even for a second, these two lovers apart.

Yet here we we lay with arms both crossed

and eyes all red and hopes all tossed

into space so cold - an endless void-

that love has gone and faith destroyed

"I.. I do not think we've changed so much.

Forget the comments of such and such.

You know I'd forsake the heavens and God above

if you could simply fall in love

with me again."

"I cannot."

The End

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