^ Verses 15 - 21

Now alone,

He frees his legs,

Turns for his safe route home,

But is surrounded by the beasts,

Now trapped.



They grin,

Confident eyes,

Limbs of strength and armour,

Meander ever nearer: crunch.

All broken.




Arms pull upwards,

Legs dangle as doomed bait,

He worms his way up to safe heights,

Just twigs.




Weakening tree,

All hear the cracks and breaks,

Nowhere more to run: acceptance.

He falls.



They feast,

Without a care,

He vocalizes pain,

Watches his being fade to grey,





Beauty droops down,

Ripples torment his face,

Final moments of crimson red,

Lost soul.




The wriggles end,

Flesh pulled free from the bone,

Competition rises for taste,

The best.

The End

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