Outstretched hands

A moral conflict of the mind and the heart.

Outstretched hands

“Step forward unto the world” they said

As one beating heart they surged overhead

“Step forward, through the door” they spoke

Through rites of passage, did they invoke-

A sense of belonging, a path through the fields

Past hallowed tree stumps carved by Fae

Tangible memory lays congealed

What’s left behind- They did not say

Can you see the water’s Edge?

To fight against an ebbing tide-

Reaching towards heavens ledge

To take a peek or to reside

“Yae” I moved towards the light

Like I had but once before

To cleanse myself of reasons’ blight

For reasons I could not abhor  


There I stood upon a palm

As earth trembled beneath my feet

As if uttering a final psalm

In prayer the earth seemed to entreat

Me not to leave it all alone

By elements it had been marked

For that, I could never atone

And so I climbed upon the ark

To take me to another place

Away from here- devoid of hope

And with me I carried earth’s grace

Bound to me by lengths of rope

The end arrived- and passed me by

For I stood firm and held the seed

Terra’s gift that would deny

The echoes of the four dark steeds. 

The End

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