A Bear in a Pair

Outside my window, oh what do I see?
Why a monkey in costume, escaped from his tree
Behind this dear monkey, in follow of he
Ten giant bananas, all bouncing with glee

And past the parade of monkeys and fruit
Comes a large wooly bear in a full three piece suit
Now what would a bear need a suit for you ask?
Well a bear such as this must have quite the task

He walks down the road, in the centre of the lane
And he walks on all fours, and shakes his big mane
This bear is quite rare, I say aloud to myself
But then something happens before I can grab my camera from the shelf

The big wooly bear three piece suit and on all fours
That big bear pulls out a cellphone and answers in roars
Now a bear on a cellphone is something quite silly
But a bear in a suit, makes him look quite frilly

Outside my window, oh what a sight it's been,
A monkey, some bananas and a bear all rolled in
Oh what could come next, what exactly will it be?
Outside my window, oh what do you see?

The End

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