Outside My Window

Outside my window, oh what do I see?
Why a monkey in costume, escaped from his tree
Behind this dear monkey, in follow of he
Ten giant bananas, all bouncing with glee

A parade in the rain, well thats just not right
But a parade of bananas, with a monkey in flight?
I watch on as they pass, the bananas all bright
And the monkey is dancing, despite his rainy blight

The monkey he turns and cheers at the crowd
The bananas they bounce and they twirl, all quite proud
The monkey, he blows a whistle, it's piercing and loud
And all ten Bananas began to float like a yellow cloud

The parade it moves on, oh what I sight I did see
For in the rainy streets, the bananas and monkey
They all paraded on, all bouncing with glee
So outside my window, oh what do you see?

The End

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