Out of My Misery

You put me out of my misery and
now I have nowhere else to go
Gripped by cold, winter’s evil vice
I want to burn out in pathetic embers
with your kindest words on my mind

Honey did you find who you was looking for?
You was lead by simple blind faith
But it wasn’t enough, it never is
So you decided to throw some my way
and of course I took what I could

I was lying face down in the recess of last night
I should have been thrown out with the rest
Too pessimistic to be happy and to cynical to be sad
I’d rather not think about anything right now
not even you

I am not depressed, I am just bored
I hear the same old story everyday
each day in a dull repetition I cannot stand
But I am supposed to pretend just like everybody else
You put me out of my misery
and here I am now

The End

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