Out In Rain

The beauty of one so young

Damaged by those who are ignorant

Crushed inside

Her heart shattered into pieces

Bruised and scarred

Paranoid with every turn

Afraid to lose again and again and again like before

Unloved by the ones she fantasizes about the most

Never letting go of her companion: doubt

All alone sitting in the rain

Hoping for someone to come along and help her to her feet

Everyone she's ever loved belong to someone else

Even now she's hysterical from overwhelming paranoia

Goes off into places, doesn't even tell her

Doesn't say what's on his mind

What he wants to do

What he has done

And he wonders why she's so sad

Cuts run up her arm

Empty from inside to out

No one really does know all the things that make her who she is

The one who makes her feel the absolute most beautiful

Is the one who forgets the smallest things that lead to her disappointment and hurt

The End

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