our worlds apart

Can 2 worlds be apart yet so close maybe there together and haven't realised it yet. Here is one of my favourites iv ever written enjoy

As I appear
 In a place where space and time don't matter
A world of words
 And silent laughs
A world where thoughts
Through our eyes
From yours to mine

You are so close
 Just next to me
 Yet out of touch
 And out of sight
 I know  your deepest fears
 You understand my everyday tears
 But I can never hold you tight because for the timing was never right

Your pearl blue eyes are a world of their own
A world that even my imagination has lost
A world I desire to be a part of...

We used to be close
Now everytime I see you I feel like our goodbyes last a lifetime
Maybe our next one will

Did you ever love me?
Only you know the answer
Because i never want to find out

Two worlds apart on a planet controlled by time and space
Two worlds on one planet
A planet that is so lonely and lively

that's my story thanks for being part of it

The End

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