Our Worlds

Another abstract poem - but with meaning

A glimpse of a moment is lost in translation

Eyes and souls swimming in deep alienation

Caught in the hands and the mind

I will stand and find

Myself in your world


Textures of life and lost truthful meanings

Interwoven and laden with worlds I am leaving


I will find

Myself in your world


Nature’s enchantment adorned with false fears

The rain shower’s brain’s galactic ideas

An image of life, a wall that is rife

With love

And all in your world


Creation is textured by the creator

A raw spark, a sea of dark, to be formed later

And set into silver imagination theatre

Inspiration is layered by the dream-stater


And if I am found and dragged on back down

To temporal living and mechanic sound

I’ll handle our tool, and strike on bare ground


For memories mine in rivers my own

The fabric, the sea, the tree I alone

Will follow your mind

And find

Myself in our world

The End

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