Our Weird Love Story

I saw you while Walking on my way,

You stared at me but I looked away,

The way you proposed me,I laughed a lot,

I nearly made you made,but you never  fought.

You loved me so much and made my life heaven,

I have preserved them safely,Every rose you had given.

The first time we kissed,It was the Prom night,

My lipsticks covered your lips pink,under that hazy light.

On the day of my wedding,

We finally had our breakup.

You were my husbands "best friend",

How?I could never take up.

My husband never got to know,

Of our extra marital affair,

Who is the father of my son?

All  that he never tried to care.

Finally he found someone for himself,

And gave me the Divorce,

What could I do then?

Marry You,ofcourse!

And now the soulmates will live,

Happily ever after.

But sometimes my son asks me,

"Mom,who exactly is my real father?"

The End

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