Our Special Place

I whisper your name in soft tones
Surrounded by the swaying bluebells
I gently kiss you as the morning sun rises
Blurring our paths once more

Soothe my falling tears as sorrow awakens
Just one more night, I want to lie in your arms
So I can fade into your soul
So I can dream nevermore

I don't want to leave our special place
Because you'll become just another memory
If I never see you again
I will lose the passion for my hearts Liberty

In the heavens, the stars shine like crystal
Such beauty is my time with you
For us, this tranquillity is soothed
As we listen to the bluebirds sing

I sigh as the melody of life begins to bless
You hold my hands and touch my soul
We were Angels, in the sweetest azure
Only knowing the Love of each other

The End

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