'Our' Song.

Poem thing, I wrote about someone. June of last year. I thought I lost it.

Sitting here alone, staring at a bedroom wall.
This radio can be the backdrop.
“Our” song plays.
I smile; bittersweet.
I miss the person you used to be.

“Our” first verse was the sweetest line.
The music in the background
Rang with the purity of first love.
We can’t ever go back to that line,
It’s too far gone.


“Our” chorus is filled with
‘I love you”‘s and “I’ll never leave you,”
“This is forever.  I promise.”
“Our” chorus betrayed us.
What else can we do?
But refrain from singing?

“Our” second verse promised us forever.
Who did I become?
Words that had been so much truer, then
Seem to be meaningless, now.

“Our” third verse brings tears to my eyes.
Just as it was loving, longing,
It destroyed all my sanity.
“Our” song has lost its sweetness.

And this is “our” final verse.
I want this song to last.
But we can’t put it on repeat,
It’d just hurt us more
All over again.

My only regret is that there’s no more to this song.
I’m hearing the words all wrong again.
Did you change the lyrics?
Who are we now?
This is the song,
I kept so close to my heart
And I don’t even know how it ends.

Becoming just a melody I once knew,
Lullaby, oh sweet nocturne.
You’ve turned into my requiem.
“Our” song is ending.
Merely seconds to go.
Nothing hurts more than—
“Our” song.
Is over.

The End

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