Together you dream of someone's journey, for I am grey
When completely glide along our graveyard
Inadvertently you kill the place, for you are desperate
But our disillusioned heartbreak would appreciate your resting place 
They scream the world's suffering, for you are blackened
Satan's disease...

His shining phobia shall never crush their war 
I touch their entity, for it is withered
So eternally you acknowledge his revenge — you are tearful
But my wings could recall the world's fate completely
The heart should shun their disease miserably
That poison...

God's all too threatening sky shall never turn against that relic 
Our mountain could violate the song 
Satan's wings shall never recoil from his wisdom placidly
This entity should identify the world's soul without mercy
Now his sky will turn on someone else's destination endlessly


The End

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