Our Phantom's Revenge...

This is the first poem of the collection of poems revolving around the phantom with revenge on his mind.

He crept around the darkness of the room,

Moving slowly like a Cobra slithering slowly waiting for its prey.

As the moon hid behind the clouds as if afraid to witness the doom,

As our phantom clenched the sword ready to slay.

Then the doors flew open as our villain walked in confidently,

Wearing a fatal expression and a crooked smile.

All he heard was a laugh so deadly,

As our phantom slashed the villain a hundred times with style.

Finally he stopped as he felt satisfaction inside

And he knelt down beside the bloody mess.

He placed the japanese sword down as he cried,

Like a child experiencing distress.

He yelled 'Revenge ' clenching his sword as a picture formed in his mind

Of a bleeding girl as he lay with her, their bodies entwined.

The End

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