our next Eternity.

She promised him they would Live each night - free from Fate, from Circumstance. and he wishes nothing more than to watch Her do so.

"We will make history tonight
and steal stardust from the Heavens above
let us venture into the most daring of dreams
we promise we will never forget."

Her eyes sparkle with the light of a thousand suns
as She claims Life her own
a rebel to Fate,
with an ignorance to Circumstance.

She dances and skips and twirls
toward the promise of Freedom
jumping to touch the skies
and feel the moon on Her fingertips.

i stand still and i watch
mortalized in the presence of such Beauty
for every breath She takes,
i would give up my own.

when She calls my name
it serenades my soul
when She points to the stars
i swear i'll steal them all -

for those lips to smile
for those eyes to shine
for that heart to beat
for Her.

every night
She dances; a dance of dreams and hope
She sings; a song of our untold adventure
She lives; like i have never lived before

and She swears we will not be forgotten:
the stars have borne witness,
the Universe has heard her call
together we have lived these moments.

daybreak approaches
and we wish together
Her, for eternity
and i, for another

so She may Live again
so i may watch Her
and in all the nights that will follow
i would wish for nothing more

but our next Eternity.

The End

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