The Mother Of WarMature

This is why nobody should ever let me loose on the internet, because, BAM! This is born. My sincerest apologies for the mess that lies below this summary. Read if you dare.

She smiles sweetly at you,

Sugared words spilling

Out her mouth- power,

Fame, prove them all wrong!

But the only one who is

Deceiving anyone  is her, not

The men who think that

They're in charge, who

Pray to a goddess of destruction.

She is the Mother of War,

You see, and she won't stop.

She is driven, she is created

From us and our mistakes.

She wears a white dress of

Innocence, her corset circled

With barbed wire, and battle

Plans fall from her lips

As if it was she who made

This universe, who made us,

Who brought us together just

To tear us apart again. She has

Ruby eyes that glitter in the dark,

And an iron wrought crown sits on

Her head, nestled among locks

That tumble down her back

In a cacophony of strangled

Screams. No one sees the

Young men fall, but out there

Are ones who miss them. Who

Cry for them. Nobody ever

Realizes that they're being

Played by her, that they're

Just a pawn in her chess game.

Now ask yourself, what makes

Us human? And, by the way,

Make sure you recall the fact

That humans are willing to

Blame anything for death and

The sight of a bullet ripping

Through flimsy fabric that is

Defenseless against the onslaught

Of firepower and our Mother of War.

The End

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