Our Love

I've been working on this for about 4 month now, & I finally like the way it sounds. please leave your comments on anything that i could work on, or should be changed; i would be much obliged.

Our kiss lingers on my lips like embers 

Smouldering from a once raging fire

Tension between us is like a rubber band

Being pulled until it snaps & brings us close again

Your arms folding into mine

As your hands trace the curves of my body

Like following the lines of a coloring book

Your eyes fixed on mine

Only breaking the stare to blink

Our passion was not only seen

But felt by every soul around

It radiated off of us 

Like the glow of a firefly

Each touch of our lips grew more intense

As the hunger of our lust only continued to increase

Chest to chest i feel your strength

AS if there was miles still between us

I feel so weak as you hold me tight

Yet so safe in the gaze of your caring eyes

I bury my head into your chest to hear your heart beat

With each thump our hearts start to synch

Our love is one

Your kiss still lingers on my lips like embers

Smouldering from a once raging fire.

The End

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