Our Lives of Luxury

In my freshman English class we had to write poetry. This is one that I came up with.

We see it on TV,

They suffer from it.

We hear the news,

They witness it.

We smell fresh air,

They inhale the scent of blood and decay.

We taste home-cooked meals,

They go days without eating.

We embrace our family,

They watch theirs die.

We complain about petty things,

They learn to accept that life isn’t fair.

We are obese,

They exist as skin and bone.

We act ungrateful,

They don’t take things for granted.

We rush to the doctor,

They struggle to stay alive.

We throw things away,

They don’t let anything go to waste.

We have warm, sturdy shelters,

They sleep on cold, hard, ground.

We are picky eaters,

They die if they are picky eaters.

We are couch potatoes,

They have no electricity.

We have flushable toilets,

They pee in the woods.

We wear expensive clothes,

They wrap rags on themselves.

We have money,

They wish they did.

We have fresh clean water,

They drink sewer water.

We laugh,

They cry.

We don’t care,

They wish someone would.

The End

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