Our Little Town

Let the bright, cheery day bleed
into night
Let the stars guide a path
of shining light
Let your inhibitions take a
far-off flight

Let the warm, dark rum flow
into a glass
Let the lighter meet with the
bags of grass
Let shameless joy happen
on the overpass

Let the hopeless teen have
her romance
Let the widower have
one last chance
Let the season's rain have
Its skittering dance

Let the anxious look on your
best friend's face
Let the fingers rip through the
virgin lace
Let the weight of the world
Fall into place

Let the neon lights glow an
aching burn
Let the ashes settle into
Their little urn
Let your mother wait for
Your return

I know it's all here for some higher reason
The bitter cold, this awkward loving season
It's all here for a reason
It makes no sense
To fight against

The End

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