our hiding place.

we fell

asleep on the closet floor

hidden by hinges of white squeaky doors

what more could we ask for?

we lay

limbs woven together so perfectly

your strong arms laced around my body

I've never felt so at peace.

hidden in the closet 

too afraid to ever let our love surface.

hidden in the closet

we are the epitome of sweet romantic bliss.

we made

sweet memories under ceiling stars

no dream ever too far

to pluck from the world and become who we are.

we held

each other so close

as if we could never know

what it felt like to be let go.

hidden in the closet

beneath soft rainbow blankets we kiss.

hidden in the closet

I see you smile through the darkness.

you carried me home in your arms

like a guardian angel you kept me from harm

we laughed and loved until the day was done

and the sun had begun 

to rise

too soon to rouse us from where we lied

in our secret room.

and now hidden in the closet

I weep so softly

hidden in the closet

still smells like you and me

hidden in the closet

I miss you completely

wishing soon you'll come creeping through my window

and I'll have the bravery to know

we can sleep in my bed with pillows

instead of upon the floor.

I love you more and more.

The End

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