Our Daily Play

It's true

We all search endlessly to fill our needs

Living in this land of fully fulfilled greeds


All happy being mentally crippled

A little too wasted to care

Forgiveness is our greatest treasure

and apathy our greatest despair


It's so hard to do what's right

When they stuff every corner of our day

With everything we like


They got these workers

Billions a year,

Gearing our minds

to buy what they sell

to live in daydreams

Fantasy and Reality,

a little too hard to tell


We got robots

Daily doing more work than us

But I got my days

to waste away in play

to push down the pain

Of lives not lived enough


The only thing 

The future will say

When we're all dead

and in our graves

They idolized Distraction and their Bodies

Forgot all about this Earth and their Brains

The End

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