We always love the ones that hurt us the most
It’s true, I always fell to easily
when there is no one to pick me up
I shouldn’t be making those same mistakes
I am better than that
or at least, I thought I was

I was right all along
there was someone else
Should have changed myself
so I could have a different person
to blame
Other than the man I am

We always hurt the ones that love us the most
It’s not a lie, so don’t look at me like that
you will never lend me a helping hand
I can’t pretend I am doing well
when I breaking apart
I am falling apart

You was right all along
I’ll be dead and buried
before anyone comes along
She would be my soul mate
to share
my lost life

I will always lose the ones who love me the most
Such a common occurrence, I’m surprised you don’t laugh
I can give you what you could never give me
The gift I could never have
that deserts me when I
need it the most

The End

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