We’re rewriting the story

That’s gone on long before us

Filling new chalk lines in the cycles of old

Of the stones, new praises are sung, for their bearings are strong

Holding up all the ghosts of the ones who had fallen before


Haggard pictures, worn down by the trials of history

Gain new etched-in lines of a new youthful story

We used to think that life was etched in stone for us to see

But as we invented paper we got ourselves ink

To draw our new bodies, new minds, fresh stories


No more are we pressed into place by our limits

As we envision new boundaries, then put them to print

No longer do stone walls we build fall to gravity

So long as our ink spirits survive in written histories

Each link in a paper chain can be broken

Only to be reforged into something more resistant.


The old saying goes “be like trees, not like stones”

Rebounding at every device that befalls us

Rather than not fall at all, entombed by the rocks

We show gravity here that it’s not stronger than us.

Call it hubris, but as we are the bricklayers now I say it suits us.

The End

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