Oscars beauty tips

Oh darling, do enlighten us please"
"What divine creation will thou be wearing tonight"
"Oh,I don't know! Perhaps my own skin"
"Might just have to pull it a little tight"

"Darling, so modest, anything you wear will be a revelation"
"It’s guaranteed to evoke many a sigh"
"Oh you know, for this astonishing beauty to show"
"Had to apply fat taken from my bountiful thighs"

"Oh darling, is that your secret to beauty?"
"For us commoners, it’s so out of reach"
We outfit ourselves from these discount outlets
apply nail polish, hairspray and bleach"

"Tsk Tsk, just a few simple tricks I have"
And practically anyone can look like me"
Enjoy this life, go under the knife"
and be prepared for that million dollar fee!

"This Red Carpet, My darling you own
You glow amidst the flash of a million suns"
Yes, T ‘is the price that we gods must pay
If we are to expect reasonable returns!

But, before to these festivities I go
There is something that I must declare
This creation held together by tape and by pins
really has no room for any underwear!

The End

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