Back on EArthMature

In an alleyway,

A child escapes with her life,

Bruises claim her face, burns brand her arms,

Baptized in tears, wings clipped, a soul lost to labyrinthine corridors,

Cold comfort found by pressing her swollen face against a dumpster,

The battered one,

The broken heart,

The ones fooled by promises from the start,

Veteran man crippled here fighting for our home,

Denied, politicians ignore their inner wars,

On this perfect day the sky died,

Clouds torched by flames,

Ero's mad arrow pierces the eye,

Feathers fall like rain when Icarus dared to fly,

Downward we neglect and stray deaf to the angel's that cry,

If we clear away the debris will we still find humanity?  

The End

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