Orwell's List: Part DoucheMature

Y? drown the mantra,

Retina molests the bloated sun,

Revelations from the black hole of a smoking gun,

Of a savage murder of my ego,

For the gratification, pacification, sanctification, eradication with limp dick phallic instigation,

Erected column of egolithic misery,

Shadow visier, blade in hand, whisper in your ear,

Infanticide, matricide, patricide, deicide,

Freedom through suicide,

Y? drowns the mantra,

Y? drowns the mantra,

Rip Keter down,

Drown the desert god playing Daddy Deity,

That sadist who's punchline is "I am",

Murder God, you murder Self,

Then . . .

               Y? drowns the mantra.

The End

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