prompt: streetlights spill your shadow on the footpath at nightMature

It is raining and the sidewalks are slicker than the sky is dark
and the streetlights aren’t enough to fight off the shadows; they flicker
with the rain, stuttering light shards and blurred streaks of grey.  
My heart is a pattering rhythm all its own.  Maybe it’s the drugs,
maybe it’s the booze, but my vision’s done a double-exposure.
God, the things I manage to hide in the fractures of my irises.
One sidewalk splits into two and I am two bodies moving in the downpour,
taking different routes home.  Somewhere in the haze I know
you won’t be home when I get home and I wish I was her, going home
to your warm arms, but I can’t blame the sky for the rain and
I can’t blame you for this pain.

The End

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