No OneMature

Because I'm tired of 10-year-old bards who think their writing is all that.

Does it hurt to know your depressing lyrics are cliché?

That after writing the melodious stanzas of poetry tenfold

Only then do you realize your unoriginality

Resurfacing disappointment

Dropped down from the sky

Like a linen wrapped gift from a stork

Named critic

Named connoisseur

And you shake your fist at God



Howling in chantepleure

Because your romance novel sounds just the same as every other book

Because your young antagonist is identical to every other crook

And because you were sure you were creative

Only to be shot in the face by a gunman

Named genius

Named "got-there-first"

You call yourself artistic

But your poem might as well be prose

You call yourself original

But let's be honest

The hobo on the corner

Writes the same things as you

Thinks the same ingenious thoughts as you do

Does it hurt to know your freestyle poetry

Is outdated? Boring? Stale?

Does it hurt to be one of the thousands

That crawl their way through knee deep denigration

In order to stand on everyone else's head

To boast their creation?

Does it hurt to be like me?

Because I feel it too.

And it feels like axes and machetes

To my aspiring heart

My calloused knees

So quit your crying

You're not alone

Stop thinking in clichés

This poem has no happy ending

And no one's throwing you a godamn bone


The End

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