Original SinMature

If you ask me about that day
I would probably laugh at you
Then again, they all would
The Lonely Man
The Single Woman
and The Cold-Hearted Man
But would you care? They would not...




I wandered to their final resting place
where their hearts lay broken
I can see it now, the accusations
That melancholy beauty
the shining light that bequeaths darkness




In the Woods, where the starlight shone
The Lonely Man, he was assured
of all the pleasures of Eden
He felt reborn with the Hand of God upon his shoulder
He held her close in the glimmer
She rested against his chest,
her eyes knowing
The Cold-Hearted Man sneers
He knows also
The Lonely Man does not however...

The evening spun its colours of golden sunset
soaking the trees in their sentinel stature
If only the stoic could have been adamant
and saved The Lonely Man his trouble
Not a whisper was betrayed
Nor secrets of a lost age
Love, that insidious disease
Blurred in the confines of Lust
Lust was not a part of the Lonely Man
But it was for The Single Woman
But it was for The Cold-Hearted Man

With the grace of a swaying sunflower
the Cold-Hearted Man departed
The seeds of his envy had been planted
With the ridicule of The Lonely Man
How he felt the cold agony
as The Single Woman departed also
To this day
she claims she only wanted to help him...

They found themselves
in the labyrinth of the trees
The Cold-Hearted Man made the first move

The Lonely Man waited
His heart burning with sorrow

The Single Woman did not resist
in the labyrinth of the trees
She rested her hands on his shoulders

Original Sin

The Lonely Man waited
Haunted by worry
Neglected once more....




With all the fucking lies that had been spread
The Lonely Man sat alone
With only the stars for company
With only the shadows for friends
He collapsed within the sickness
She had promised him the earth, the sun and their life together
She gambled it away with the coldest of men
Who could not grant her the same future

I couldn’t tell you

Even if I knew

But the hours crept by
like a snake within the fallen leaves

Eros turned a blind eye to debauchery
Eros turned a blind eye to degradation
Eros turned a blind eye to destruction
Eros turned a blind eye to The Lonely Man

So when they were done with warped ideals of romance
The Single Woman and the Cold Hearted Man returned
their hands held, twined like vines
Poison ivy of their lips
spoke of the act
But as they returned they found
the Lonely Man was nowhere to be found

He left to find her...

They sat down and decided he had left

He was scared for her

They kissed once more

He collapsed with the agonising glare of solitude




Then, with his fragile mind
The Lonely Man heard their voices
As though they were standing right beside him
Their laughter
Their joy
All their happiness was at his expense
Who knows?
My mind is still a bit hazy after all,
I am not a young man anymore

With a last glance at the stars that shone with vain warnings
He found them, together
The Single Woman was lying after all
The Cold Hearted Man merely laughed
“You are too pathetic”
The Lonely Man succumbed to rage
and with a rock gripped in his right hand
Struck the Cold Hearted Man
Who survived through the chance
He never gave to The Lonely Man


The Single Woman looked on in fright
As The Lonely Man
his eyes alight with the crimson rage
Stole away until he was once with the night
It was the last they ever saw him
The Single Woman merely left The Cold Hearted Man
and chased after The Lonely Man
Though she did not find him
She found herself
And made an attempt that night
But she failed...

Love desecrated their youth
For the road of adulthood
can only be found
When you have nothing to lose

The End

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