Ordering Around ChaosMature

Broken chainlink mainframes around our skulls.

Inside you comes screams with a desire to be everywhere at once.

It's just that familiar taste of iron in your mouth, beating in your lungs.

Strangers is what we are.

Drifting inward and outward inside our scoped vision.

Remembered only as smells and colors.

To be seen again some other life.

Since dawn's light the drum has made our hearts beat singular.

The lines across the page and people feel connected.

They can't crush everything about you,

like the children crushing bumblebees in light spring breeze.

Put the cardboard over your eyesight and let it all flow away.

Watch our senses dissolve into the nonexistent, plasma corpses, smiling and thoughtless.

These daydreams lead your perception forward into raging hellfire.

Stones, casts down in flame, infernos of magma spewing upward into the sky, reddened.

See this future when you close your eyes,

and still try to tell yourself you feel alright.


the youth holds a torch in the cave,

but it's losing light fast.

As oxygen spreads upwards through the cracks in the ozone,

we'll have no more flame.

Unforgettable and unpredictable waiting.

Like our games to pass the time.

Something different.

Life recorded, padlocked up in pictures of here and now.

Ride the atom bomb down.

Enjoy the green while it lasts, it'll only be in pictures soon.

We just want these pages in our lives to be kept,

like sap from the tree.

Preserved for the future we're led into.

Single file, with our head between our legs,

we will quietly roar our plightful messages.

Just needing a strike of the match to watch the building burn.

Going down in red, then dance the dance of the dead inside its ashes,

planting the new phoenix within.

The quest isn't over,

but we've all stopped singing.

The ride hasn't stopped,

but we all want out.

The lack of all emotions only comes from the intense feeling of only one of them.

Someday everyone may realize the sundial has always been backwards,

and the batteries never existed.

But for now,

inside the concave of bile,

the ants and centipedes and maggots and worms collide and all search for their eyes,

just to see the shit they roam around in.

The End

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