Or So You Said

I’m too distraught to talk to you tonight
No matter what you say it changes nothing
You tell me to move on and seize the day
I know I am too weak to be that strong

What goes around always comes back to me
What comes around always falls at your feet
You despise me but it’s not the same because
I hate myself more than you love yourself

I shouldn’t have to beg for a given
You shouldn’t complain about a luxury
As long as I am here, you may as well laugh at me
just be sure to wear your tears with sophistication

I thought I loved you but now I just give up
You played your part when you stamped on my dreams
You said you cared but you were just judging me
I’m not good enough or so you said

I can’t be bothered to repeat myself anymore
it doesn’t matter what you say, I am still hurt
You thought I’d dust myself off and leave it behind
That just shows you never knew me at all

The End

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