His disregard for time and her subtle understanding intertwine

His unconscious emotional dependency fits her need for security just fine

His addiction for truth compliments her need to communicate

Embarrassed by emotions, unfeeling he does hesitate

Though she loves his flaws, her generous intelligence comes at price

He a thinker, dreamer, philosopher, he never asks twice

She adores his self sacrificing loyalty, but romance he may lack

Her opinionated wit sometimes sets him back

Both cringe at weakness of those who are needy

Together they balance out, neither one greedy

Her need for solitude may come across as cold

He doesn't seem to mind, truth be told

She tries to understand his many masked faces

Hiding things from another time, lots of empty spaces

He wants terribly to accept her self containment

In learning patience he will find that attainment

She sometimes curses his need for freedom to roam

Despite her worry he always finds his way back home

Awkward moments sometimes appear, but soon dissolve

Every moment together, their love will evolve

The End

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