ehh, idk im just new here. lmao

Oops, I broke the mold.

Because I’m not, nor will I ever be, perfect

I’m like a bad CD you’d like to eject

I broke the mold

Because there was no mold to break
we silently convince ourselves
to sit on these invisible shelves
monotonous day after monotonous day.

I broke the mold
with the way my pencil graced this page
I was unaware that imagination was supposed to fade with age
I broke the mold
because I opened my mouth
and with that rebellious inspired words spilled out.
I broke the mold

Because I always thought Warhol’s pink lipped pose of Marilyn Monroe

was the fulcrum moment as far as 20th century art goes.

I broke the mold
when, with Maya Angelou, like dust I rose,

And my confidence can be a threat, I suppose. But,

I broke the mold
because I didn’t have the false integrity for these ego-tripped wars.
I know now that the pen is mightier than the sword.
I broke the mold

because Abercrombie simply never worked for me
as there were always too many fashions for my own individuality
I broke the mold

because hoodies and skinnies and Nike 6.0's
are more fitting to me than Hollister’s double zeros

I broke the mold

Because I didn’t wanna be Paris Hilton’s new bff-f-f?
I’d rather do something that demands a little more intellect.

I broke the mold
because I knew white guys can rap and that can be rock too
it never had to be something you can pop lock and drop to?
I broke the mold

Because I totally knew the song paper planes before pineapple express

and now I can’t stand it cause it’s played in such excess.

I broke the mold

because I never cared how many licks it took to get to the center of a tootsie pop

my little 8 year old brain was a little more set on which color I got.

I broke the mold

Because my style is “daring”, and I don’t know if that’s good.

But I enjoy wearing what I like, instead of what I should.

I broke the mold

Because I’ve gotten 15, yes, 15 piercings.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, Most of them are earrings.
I broke the mold

because my hair has been 8 different colors and styles
but my mind is just as bright even if I don't like argyle.

I broke the mold

When I listened to rock, ska, pop, punk, screamo, emo, techno, electro, and some. T.I.

The number of songs on my ipod? 6,485.

I broke the mold

Because I follow what I feel is right, and I know I’m not afraid
and neither was he, when with his hands feet and life, he paid.



The End

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