Onward to Vimy

Onward to Vimy

 By Katrina Kwan


Tell the rain to stop

Turning the Ridge to mud

And chilling me to the bone


I’ll pray for this lot

As the dirt mixes with blood

And takes the good men I have known


I’ll take what I’ve got

And with one great tug

From the mud I’ll bring you back home


From dawn’s light

To the setting sun

March on and we shall go


To go and fight

For more than one

I alone shall pay my woe


Cheers for freedom

And that kind Lady

Onwards we shall go


I’ve got no real answer

Nor do I have the will to know

Rage on and on for it will begin to show


Onwards to Vimy

Onwards to Hell

Fall in line with that row


And if perchance I make it

With gratefulness still intact

Remember me and the fallen


As it was my one last act

To see the world as it is

Its future it won’t lack

The End

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