"Only Me"

A poem about uniqueness and individuality.

Conforming to regular society, trying to fit in, when I don't, clearly 

Holding inside, the thoughts and memories, which show my level of sanity

Distractions abound, and it's hard to find inner peace, where's the harmony, of my spirit and body? 

When will what's lost be found? When will my abstract thinking decrease? 

Things seem weird constantly, and yet here I am, trying to make sense of the new feelings, and the distorted reality. 

My life seems to be steadily moving along 

At a good pace, the past used to hurt

But since then, I've gotten so strong

And now, everything is falling into place 

The best times are to come, and the future has limitless possibilities

Even though sometimes I get numb, and can't feel a single thing 

Still I know my spirit is free

I'm not bound anymore

There's different things I'm living for

Of this fact, I'm sure...

Life is just what it was meant to be

And there's nothing that can stop me

Because with each breath I take 

I'll be thankful for each moment 

If there was a reminder ever of the time I'm having now

For each memory, there will be a space I'll make 

In my heart 

And every time I've spent, wondering what my destiny was, or being unsure of who I am

IT will be something that was

And no longer is

I know what I am now 

Simply because...

Things finally feel right 

And I'm happy to be 

The one and only

The End

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