Only Human

Do not limit yourself.

We are only human,
Or so it is said,
Though we are under much influence,
By the information we are fed.

“Socially Acceptable”,
A phrase widely used,
Referring to what is ‘normal’,
And what should not be abused.

But what is ‘normal’?
Have you ever stopped to think?
Perceptions of ‘normal’,
Can change in a blink.

‘Normal’ does not exist,
That’s my opinion you see,
To have something that defines acceptance,
That doesn’t make sense to me.

Everybody is different,
And have the right to be so,
But some people hide their true self,
They fear to let their thoughts show.

The world should not be like that,
With all this talk about being ‘free’,
Yet people must behave a certain way,
That doesn’t sound like freedom to me.

We are taught that good wins,
And that evil will always fall,
But we all have some darkness in us,
We are only human after all.

So I leave you with this,
Do you dare to be you?
Are you really being yourself?
If not, then who?
Who are you pretending to be?
And why make that choice?
Don’t be afraid to be yourself,
Find your own voice,
Don’t let yourself be influenced,
Listen deep into your heart’s core,
Are you only human?
Or are you something more?

The End

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