Only Five and Yet So High

When I was five years old
the world was filled with adventures 
and opportunities.
The park was the forest I had to explore.
There lied so many mysteries that were waiting for me.

I was filled with hopes and dreams of my older self.
I never wanted to be a princess
because my imagination ran wild.
I could be so much more than someone trapped in a tower.

I was a tiger hunting for my prey, 
or a mermaid swimming through the ocean,
or being a mom and taking care of my children, 
just like my mom took care of me.

I was always somewhere and someone or something.
I grew up with an imagination of unlimited ideas.
At times I wonder if I drained all of the things imaginable 
and that is why I lack creativity.

I grew older and my heart still like a child.
I didn't bother growing up.
Why would I want to?
I learned the hard way to let go
but never forget.

I have my moments but that's just me.
That little girl 12 years ago,
she had the best childhood.
That's why it was so hard for her to let go.

The End

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