Only Ashes In the Wind

When the wind blows do you ever look at the sky,
feel the sun on your face,
and whisper “yes!”

When it rains,
would you cancel our date,
to dance in the rain.

If regret has burned your hands black,
and the pain of love has set fire to your life,
do you sit back and do nothing.
If you found the point of love in the haystack by pricking your finger,
yet you throw it back,
drop it,
or lose it again.

You are only ashes in the wind,
whatever reason you burned,
you are only ashes in the wind.

When the sun shine,
as the rain pours.
When you feel the prick on your thumb,
while pinkie promising through a haystack.
Take opportunity by the hand,
waltz out of the barn.
Hand in hand with love,
kiss while spinning in the rain,
while getting a sunburn.

But for not,
I’m gunna get a band-aide,
and wait,
comfortably burning,
waiting for the cup of water.

For now,
it looks like I’m gunna be ,
Ashes in the wind.

The End

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