Only an Observer

About Death

Have no fear, mortal ones

When air is none in your lungs.

I am not the extinguisher of life,

Nor am I black and weld a scythe.


Despair not of your brief being,

For you know not of my eternal suffering.

I am not simply black and white,

I am shades of grey in colourful light.


I offer you to consider my existence:

A being who practises absolute abstinence.

I am not without compassion,

But sadly, I can allow no emotion.


Have no fear when you come to me,

Rest assured you won’t be lonely.

I can offer you my collection of stories

Of Heaven and Hell and other glories.


I am only a passing observer,

But my duty is gruelling and forever.

I am the carrier of the truth you bend,

I am Death, the beginning of an end.

The End

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