Only a Rehearsal

I never made a sound

All they did was suffocate me

One scream, it’s over

Am I going crazy? Completely insane?

Holding each other

With his words and the smile on his face

I know what he is thinking

He’ll be here in the morning to start it all again

His hand caressing my face as his grin increases

Tears stroll down my cheeks

Knowing I’m trapped

I hear him growl

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill again, but you will”

I take this blade, I slit his throat

I see the wide slit, pooling in crimson color

I take his hand and with a smile on my face

I’ll be there in the morning

To start it all again

Just a simple rehearsal

Of how the perfection of it all must be perfect

One day it’s not going to be a practice

Not with what’s happening is going to continue

I’m the perfect decoy

Able to be used and influenced by them

But before he goes just for what happened

There will be more

Only a rehearsal because I still have many ideas

Of plans, but I want to determine to most emotional painful for the two

The End

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