Only a Moment

Just an impulse write. I have not really paid much attention to structure.
One could say its from the heart, which can often be messy in my case.

We were a moment, 

The final beat of a heart that must not live


We knew we were already dead,

My hands mourning a loss they had not yet held.

Tracing forbidden paths,

Crossing lines we had only ever lingered by.


Your eyes drank in what they had thirsted for,

Crossing the map to the face that wasn't yours to capture.


You literally stole each kiss,

My lips heedless to the sadness we did risk,

Yet tasting it anyway.

Finally so wonderfully real.


The pain we wielded!

That we only used on ourselves.


Our parting was as desperately muted as our weakness,

Meaningful glances cut short and clouded over with the rest.

This root so deep but the flower choked.

Yearning in vain for the heavens to open.


We were only a moment.



Though secretly willing,

Merely a single breath.






The End

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