Only A Memory

And as my hands fall down, crashing upon the desk,
The smoke leaks from between my fingers.

What a waste, 
A waste I’ve been

Curled in a corner, with only regret as my comfort,
Only regret as my guide.

Oh, who I can be when I want to, 
And where we end up when we don’t try
But in these trees I can hide the facade that is my smile day by day
I know what lies in my Heart, 
But I’ve never dived to the depths
And I cut myself off, 
I leave myself in a desert.

All I know is how to right with a wrong,
But all I do is wrong with a right.

Delicacy, but it’s like walking on knives,
I was meant to fall.
But you don’t notice that I’m trying.
I’m trying, dear, I’m dying. 

Heavy handed,
My words fall upon deaf ears
And frustration corrupts my judgement.

And now, I fade. 
Inside your head, I die. 

The End

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