One World - Poverty

A thought provoking poem about poetry. Placed 3rd in school competition.


I jump into a secluded lake

I see bare land, dry and cracked

like skin crying for water

The blazing sun

beating down on the barren land.


I look all around me, sight blurred

Hearing cries of children and adult alike

A cry for pity

Each day struggling on

becoming worn as old shoes.


I dive deeper

and cast my eyes upon such people

afflicted by AIDS and  malaria

Questions burn in my head

Why them?


Then I sink deeper

into this lake of sorrow

War and conflict

Surround these people

Wallowing in the murky water of despair.


Then I brush against the lake’s bottom

Although blurred, I see even more

I see they have hope that there may be

A glimmer of light ending the tunnel they see

Bravery and strength have they.


I submerge

Shocked, yet inspired by what I have seen.

I know what we must do

So I ask you to join me

and answer their plea.

The End

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