One word Poetry

Here's how it goes.
Write a poem about the first thing that pops into your head
All poetry is allowed, but try to foucus on that one word.
Get creative! Get hyper! Show your true color!
Most importantly, have fun with it.


Larry is the sound your sucker makes

when you pull it from your mouth

It's the way you attempt to eat that hot flaming pepper

Grown and raised down south

Larry is the reason why you feel the need

to run down the street in a leotard and tutu

It's the crazy sounds you make

when you attempt to do kung-fu

Larry is the feeling you get

when you are eating flies

It's weird fuzzy lines you see

when you close your eyes

Larry is a way of life

There is no escaping it

Larry is an adjective

Fitting any word you make it

Larry is one of those things, that appears to those who believe

But most importantly Larry is Me.


There is my one word, now it's your turn :D

The End

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