e n d i n g

{e n d}


to beatrice:
the white in your hair
is stardust

{and snow and lilies
and bright, bright glory}


to beatrice:
do not believe that the lock on your heart
will rust;
one day, you will break it open
and find there is only love inside and
not dust

{a key lost is a key waiting to be found.
remember that.}


to beatrice:
you do not need to fit
into this world;
the world needs to wrap its arms
around you
and cradle you
just as you deserve

{it’s your world too,
my dear}


to beatrice:
may the light fall on your head
so the world can see you
for what you are

{i see angels, i see stars,
i see joy}


to beatrice:
may the breeze hold you tight
so that you know, i’m never far
just look to the sky.


to beatrice:
there is no treasure
like light in your eyes
or the curve of your smile.
i love you still
and always will.
happy birthday.


The End

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