m i d d l e

{m i d d l e}


to beatrice:
the day ends and the moon comes along,
bright and beaming and beautiful
and i look up to see
you’re half a world from me
but never so far that i cannot find you
when i need you

{i say i am the sun because the sun dies
every day so that moon may rise. how silly is that?}


to beatrice:
pick out the tables, pick out the chairs
and i promise you
we’ll paint those walls together

{and i’ll count the days
until then}


to beatrice:
what have you done?
you’ve made me brave

{there’s nothing i’m afraid of
as long as you smile and nod}


to beatrice:
don’t mistake this for a love letter;
if anything, it’s a contract. a promise --
"i promise i’ll see you again.

{for what is the day without the night?
or beginnings without endings?}


to beatrice:
there may come a time where i will regret this but --
i’m sure we’ll be reborn
under a safer sun
and brighter moon

{let’s build an empire;
just you. and me}


to beatrice:
i see you blinking at me
across the cosmos and i whisper:
”the stars are awfully beautiful tonight”

{gentle things have a fire inside.
know that you are gleaming and glittering and glorious}

The End

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