o p e n i n g

these little letters i turn into ink and ink into eternity. just for you and only you.

{i highly suggest listening to the media linked as you read each page.}

{o p e n i n g}


to beatrice:
i rise every day
to catch a glint of you
in the light of day
before you're ushered away
on to better, brighter things

{and i smile, and i smile,
watching you go}


to beatrice:
i would swallow the sea
any day
just to see your face

{and the earth and the sky
and the devil too}


to beatrice:
there is a kindness inside you
like nothing i’ve ever known.
in truth, it is blinding --
how beautiful you truly are

{like a hundred candles
on a cloudless night, there you are}


to beatrice:
i don’t believe in god
but i pray for you anyway

{but angels exist.
i know that to be true, looking at you}


to beatrice:
at night, i pull the sheets over my head
but you manage to find me
and you draw me awake

{eyes shut tight and you’re there,
always aware, always sure, always smiling}


to beatrice:
once a hunter found a white deer
in a hidden glen by a babbling brook,
innocent to all things but the water
on its lips. and then
it raised its head to the hunter,
flicked its ears,
sniffed the air,
and the hunter saw
the deer knew no fear

{there will be hunters, there will be men;
let them come, they can never kill you}

The End

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