One That Realizes What She Needs

Afraid to lose everything in a blink again

But once you lose it you should know no fear for it has already been taken

Come home crying and nothing was explained

Hands cold as ice; no one is willing to warm them

Heart so tense and fragile just don't realize that it's stronger

Slipping out of everyone's hands for safety

Can't afford to make another mistake

Hurt before, reflected in eyes

Cuts all up arm and wrists

Know no more fear, just know hurt and experience

Want to forget it but the package gets heavier everyday

Reminders are all around about defeat

Try and understand take this time to put undiscovered strength a go


Don't run away I don't want to lose you

I'm afriad of each step turning into a mistake

Noting eases the ache like you

I am at peace and there are no more tears

With you my walls collapse down for your entrance

You give my heart a smile and bandaid

My sweet love of mine, please don't ever hurt me

I told you all you need and please be aware of all the pain I've been through

I can't be stuck on repeat in the same old situation

My shoulder and heart can't take it anymore

Just take me off my feet like you do

Make us the only ones in the world

The End

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