One Stupid Thing

I met a guy and we got along great, but then I screwed up.

 One Stupid Thing
One thing can screw it all up
One thing can ruin your chances
One thing that leads to hopelessness
All it takes is one thing

I feel like such an idiot
I screwed every chance up we might have had
With just one status
One stupid status on one stupid website
And all of our chances were gone

There was so much chemistry between us
We got along so well
 I could tell we would have been a good couple
We had a good thing going
I was so hopeful it was going to work out

I was looking forward to hanging out with him
Getting to know him for the person he is
Instead of knowing him through a computer screen
But now he does not want to know me like that

He says that I appear to him as clingy
Now that is all he sees me as
Because of one status that I posted
Because of one stupid thing I did

There is no way to prove to him I would not be clingy
I asked him again and again
All he said is we can still talk
He completely avoided my question

I understand what that means
He is trying to be nice about it
He is saying that there is no way I can prove it
No way to prove that I would not be clingy
No way to redeem myself in his eyes

It hurts to know that I am personally responsible
 It is not because we live too far away from each other
It is not because he is agnostic and I am christian
It is not because of what my mother thinks
Oh no, it is because of one stupid thing I did

Now I have ruined the chance we might have had forever
There is no way to get a second chance
But that is OK
I will get over it

Whether it is because of my parents
Whether it is because of the distance
Whether it is because of religion
Whether it is because I screwed it up
Which is, in fact, the exact reason

I will get over it
What choice do I have?
He has made up his mind about me
and I am not being given a second chance

The End

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